Previous Release Notes

Release 1.5 "Wealth of Bitoria" (2023-11-29)

  • We released a new X-Mas themed map. Of course.

  • We have finished revamping our UI. See the game in its new glory.

  • The strength of the bots is now loosely based on the strength of the players in a match.

  • Powergems now don't fail anymore, they have a 100% success chance.

  • Powergem slowdown effects now decrease in duration by 15% each time to make teaming up on another player less viable.

Release 1.4 "Gargantuan Swarm" (2023-11-06)

  • Added an inbox system for receiving important messages from the game.

  • Completely new in-game UI for mobile devices.

  • Added the information about the number of participants in a Rumble.

  • New UI for the menu and lobby header.

  • Rumbles can now have different buy-in amounts.

  • Improved the filtering system for NANOs.

  • Voucher codes are now 12 characters long instead of 8.

  • Added terms and conditions checkmarks to the welcome screen so that all new players will encounter them.

  • Fixed a bug where the leaderboard history and the actual result of a leaderboard could be different in some cases.

  • If the auto-sign-in option has been selected for an email login, Epic users will now not be logged in with their Epic accounts automatically anymore.

Release 1.3 "Jay's Frappuccino" (2023-09-27)

  • Integration of the Players Club loyalty system into Meta NANOs.

  • Reduced the lobby size from 8 to 6.

  • Shortened the countdown in the lobby.

  • Bots now spawn only at the end of the countdown.

  • Removed the start screen in the game completely.

  • Completely new UI for the voucher-screen.

  • Exit and sign out are now two different functionalities.

  • There is now a history for the Rumble leaderbaord, similar to the weekly leaderboard.

  • We now show Dollar amounts in addition to MATIC amounts where it makes sense.

Bug-Fix-Release 1.3.5 (2023-10-05)


  • Fixed a problem that prevented the usage of the new Players Club integration.

  • Fixed a problem with sign-out (when the game has been started through Epic).

  • Fixed a speed calculation bug when the slowdown effect exceeded the min possible speed of a nano.

  • Fixed attack powergems sometimes not activating.

  • Fixed a problem with late joining players.

  • Fixed calculation of rumble board pot distribution in history.

  • Fixed rumble board points showing up in non-owned Rumble session.


  • We reduced the speed and stamina of F2P NANOs slightly because we noticed that the win rate of F2P NANOs is a bit too high.

  • We reduced the speed and stamina of bots


  • Removed slight speed oscillations of NANOs, which sometimes led to incomprehensible situations within a race.

  • The Rumble Mode welcome voucher gives now a 50% discount. We added a more detailed disclaimer about remaining usages and expiration date of the voucher.

  • Playing with a F2P NANO, you now get an indicator in the reward screen to make the +20% leaderboard points for playing with a NANO NFT more transparent.

  • There have been updates to the UI displaying speed gains and losses.

Known Issues:

  • Values for speed gains by powergems are sometimes wrong in the UI. This will be fixed in the next release.

Release 1.2 "Shayla's Broom" (2023-09-13)

  • Meta NANOs: Rumble Race can now be downloaded through the Epic games store:

  • We included a completely new, halloween-themed map.

  • We improved the behavior of obstacles and moving item boxes in low-ping situations.

  • We fixed a bug in the lobby where it could look like other players in your lobby owned a Rumble Pass if they in fact didn't if you yourself owned one.

  • We fixed a rare bug that could cause a slow-down effect to never subside.

  • We introduced all-new Stamina boxes that give +20 stamina when picked up.

  • Hot Pot Rumbles are now visible days ahead.

Release 1.1 "Daemon Curse" (2023-08-18)

  • We slightly modified the leaderboard point distribution so that the places 4-7 get more points, and it feels less frustrating to come in at 4th place.

  • We changed the logic of how the effects of attack power gems stack: Now, their duration doesn't add anymore, giving you a shorter slow-down effect when being hit twice. This also increases the skill and tactic component since it makes less sense to target another NANO with a power gem that is already slowed down by another power gem.

  • Moving item boxes no longer give slow-downs so you always feel rewarded if you catch one.

  • We adjusted the item probabilities in item boxes for 7th and 8th place.

  • We introduced a "Try-Mode" that allows you to try out the game and play your first races without registering.

  • We added voucher codes for the Rumble Passes. There will be vouchers that allow you free entries into Rumbles. Look out for them on social media, in newsletters, promotions, or the weekly leaderboard.

  • The Rumble Board is now shown before the weekly leaderboard when coming from the menu if you own the current Rumble Pass.

  • In the lobby, it is now shown which player owns a Rumble Pass for the current Rumble so you always see directly who is competing with you for the Rumble.

  • When you navigate to the webpage from within the game, you will now be automatically logged in on the web page.

  • Completely new UI for logging in in the game.

  • More small UI adjustments to make the game look even more awesome.

Release 1.0 "Nerlin's Academy" (2023-07-26)

Finally, it's there: The full release of Meta NANOs: Rumble Race.

This doesn't mean we are done yet - quite the opposite. Expect many cool new releases coming down the way.

In this release, we introduce the Rumble Mode. Buy Rumble Passes to participate in a Rumble for the chance to win MATIC. You can find more information about the Rumble Mode here: Game Modes

Release 0.8 "Igor's Brain" (2023-06-13)

With this release, our NANOs finally come alive. Talk to them and explore their personality.


  • Implemented a way to chat with your NANOs - completely powered by AI.

    • This functionality is currently only available on Windows.

  • Added a history of past leaderboards and their results.

  • Added a preview of the next weeks' leaderboard rewards.

  • There are now several new quests to earn you leaderboard points.

  • New reward category: Spawn effects.

  • Added some color accents to the Free-to-Play NANOs.

  • Improved textures for Prime Aurelia.

  • Added an option for Fullscreen/Windowed mode.

  • The NANOs stats panel now shows the effect of the NANO's powergem.

  • Increased the number of loaded leaderboard entries.

  • Added loading screen tips.

  • Various more UI improvements.

  • Updated codex content.

Release 8.1 (2023-06-21)

  • Visual update to large parts of the UI.

  • Fixed a bug that made the game freeze when quitting the application in rare cases.

  • Fixed a crash that could appear when the AI chat has been used.

Release 0.7 "Eugene's Bomb" (2023-05-15)


  • Implemented a daily login bonus. Get additional leaderboard points every day.

  • Instead of normal item boxes, there are now (sometimes) moving item boxes and moving saw blades to challenge your movement skills even more.

  • Several (major) updates to the menu UI.

  • Completely reworked the codex UI.

  • The codex, the leaderboard, and the quests are now all available in the lobby.

  • There is now an additional bonus of leaderboard points for finishing on the podium if you play against real players instead of bots in order to balance out that games against bots are usually a bit easier.

  • Chat messages are now persisted between the pre-game and post-game chats.

  • When opening the game, threre should now always be an NFT NANO pre-selected, not a Free-to-Play NANO, if possible.

Release 0.6 "Morgan's Pipe" (2023-04-07)

In this release, you can finally play on a Mac, and we bring you a brand-new racetrack.


  • New racetrack with a fresh new look.

  • The game is now available for Mac.

  • There's now new background music for all racetracks.

  • The leaderboard points for finishing a game with a Free-to-Play NANO got doubled and are now 20% below the points for playing with a NANO NFT.

  • Discord now shows when you are playing Rumble Race.

  • The NANO rarity level is now also shown in the game.

  • The user experience at the start of the race was improved and now contains a camera flight, a level info, and an indicator to notify you if other players take a bit longer to load into the game.


  • Fixed a problem with the welcome message in 32:9 aspect ratio.

  • Fixed a collection panel aspect ratio issue.

  • Fixed a rare bug that cause the race countdown to getting stuck.

  • Fixed spatial audio for sprays.

  • Layout with 3 rewards now does scale correctly.

  • Replaced the image for the Wild Nerlin with the correct one.

  • Fixed a bug where the shield wouldn't show correctly on a Daemon Morgan Treeman.

Release 0.5 "Ethenia's Mint Tea" (2023-03-13)

This release marks a huge milestone in the Meta NANOs project: Not only are you able to play the game using your own NANO NFTs, but we also introduced Play-to-Own mechanics through our weekly leaderboard.

Major Changes

NFT Integration

  • The game now loads all your NANO NFTs and collection items from your wallet, and you will be able to join games with them.

  • There are 8 new Free-to-Play NANOs that you can use if you either don't have a wallet connected or no NANO NFTs on your connected wallet yet.

  • We included a brand-new "Collection". There, you can select which items you want to "equip". The following collection items currently exist (besides your NANO):

    • Taunts: Taunt your opponents in the game with cheeky remarks.

    • Banners: Player banners look good and allow you to personalize your appearance in leaderboards, rankings and the lobby.

    • Sprays: You can now spray cool images onto the racetrack.

    • Boost Particle Effects: They change the appearance of the particles that appear behind you when boosting to give your NANO even more individuality.

  • Collection items are (mostly) NFTs. Get them through our leaderboards, buy them on NFT marketplaces, or find them in additional, secret places.

Weekly Leaderboards

  • Earn leaderboard points by finishing a race on the podium.

  • Finish a weekly leaderboard in the reward ranks and earn cool rewards.

  • A leaderboard resets every week - you can earn new stuff weekly.

  • Playing with your NANO NFT earns you more leaderboard points than playing with a Free-to-Play NANO.

  • Added a view of the leaderboard to the end-game screen and to the game menu.

Other Changes

  • Added a text chat functionality to the lobby.

  • Added a new tutorial screen to onboard players and explain the basics of the game.

  • Alpha pass holders now have an exclusive set of player banners to choose from.

  • Added a button to trigger a wallet-reload in-game so that the new wallet state is represented in the game without a restart.

  • Added game credits.

  • Bots are now a bit harder to distinguish from real players.

  • The Ice Field is now more impactful.

  • Added a new taunt wheel to the race UI.

  • The filtering system in the NANOs tab now supports combining multiple filters and hiding F2P NANOs.

  • We reduced the time to press ready in a lobby from 60 to 30 seconds.


  • Fixed a bug that caused slower nanos to never be reached by rockets.

  • Getting a second stamina potion when already having one does not double the refill-rate anymore.

  • Fixed a network connection error that happened occasionally when trying to join a lobby.

  • Mines, Ice Fields and Rockets now correctly target a player at time of activation, and not at time of receiving the item anymore.

Release 0.5.2

  • Included a post-game chat window and increased the time before a server closes automatically.

  • Sprays are now usable from the UI, not only with a key shortcut.

  • The taunt wheel is now usable with keyboard only, too.

  • Adjusted the taunt wheel UI.

  • Limited the bots to only have the most common 8 NANOs, plus weakened the bots slightly, overall.

  • Fixed a bug where umlauts wouldn't show correctly in usernames and chat.

  • Fixed a bug with the screen-position of floating text.

  • The powergem charging bar is now aligned with other floating text messages.

Release 0.4 (2023-01-30)

With this release, we open the game for everyone. To join and play with us, there is no Alpha Pass needed anymore.


  • Designed and implemented an entirely new post-game user interface.

  • Updated the lobby user interface.

  • There is now a minimum distance between deployable objects (like mines or ice fields).

  • The in-game UI now contains a marker for your NANO's base speed.

  • There is now an option to limit the maximum FPS.

  • Both the game and the launcher now show you warning messages if there is no wallet connected to the player account.

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