Learn everything you need to know about how to get your NANOs


How does the NANO mint process work?

The mint of the NANO NFTs works in 3 phases. In phase 1, Alpha Pass Crystal and Gold holders can redeem their free NANOs. In phase 2 all Alpha Pass holders can use their pre-mint option to mint 1 NANO Pack (including 3 NANOs). In phase 3, the minting of NANO packs is open to the public.

When does the NANO mint start?

Phase 1 โ€“ the free NANO mint for Alpha Pass Crystal and Gold holders โ€“ starts on 13th of March 2023. Phase 2 and Phase 3 will follow in the weeks afterwards, dates will be announced.

Which blockchain is used for minting NANOs?


How does NANO mint Phase 1 โ€“ the free mint with Alpha Passes โ€“ work?

You need to create an account on with your email and a password. This account is also used to login into the game. After you connect your MetaMask wallet that holds your Alpha Pass Crystal or Gold you will see them on the screen. Click on the Alpha Pass and click on โ€œGet free NANOsโ€. Next you need to accept our terms and click on โ€œRedeemโ€. The last step is to sign a message with MetaMask that proves that you are the owner of the Alpha Pass. After that, your new NANO is minted.

How does NANO mint Phase 2 โ€“ the pre-mint with Alpha Passes โ€“ work?

It starts the same as Phase 1. In Phase 2 however, you can make use of Crystal, Gold and Silver Alpha Passes. After you connected your wallet and clicked on the Alpha Pass you want to use for the pre-mint, you must click on โ€œGet NANO Packโ€. Next you need to accept our terms and select a payment method. After your successful payment, the NANO Pack including 3 NANOs is minted. In your wallet you can reveal the Pack and the NANOs to see which NANOs you collected.

How does NANO mint Phase 3 โ€“ the public mint โ€“ work?

First our OGs and Early Adopter users will get notified that they are now able to mint their NANO Pack. Afterwards, this information is communicated to the public. To mint your NANO Pack, you just have to login with your account on and connect your MetaMask wallet. After you click on โ€œBuy NANO Packโ€ and accept the terms you need to select the payment method. If your payment was successful, then the NANO Pack including 3 NANOs is minted. In your wallet you can reveal the Pack and the NANOs to see which NANOs you collected.

How long can we mint NANOs?

Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be open for at least several weeks, so we can make sure that every owner of an Alpha Pass is able to make use of it. If we close them, we will announce the end early enough. The public mint is different. We use a continuous Pack sale model (similar to projects like NBA Top Shots). This means that we will have multiple drops with a limited amount of NANO Packs. For the first drop, we will offer just 100 packs. From this onwards we react to market demand and user growth to announce the next drops and drop dates.

Which payment methods can we use?

You will be able to use MATIC on Polygon to buy NANO Packs. We are currently working on also offering PayPal, Eps, SOFORT and Debit or Credit Card. This is still in the testing phase and may not be ready at mint Phase 2.

What is the mint price?

  • Phase 1: NANO price = FREE. They are for free for Crystal and Gold Alpha Pass holders.

  • Phase 2: NANO Pack price = TBA. The NANO Pack price is discounted for Alpha Pass holders.

  • Phase 3: NANO Pack price = TBA. This is the NANO Pack price for the first drop(s). It will constantly increase for the following drops. So being early is worth it!

How many NANO packs can I mint?

You can mint as many packs as you like, but only 1 by one. The mint is possible until the pack limit for the drop is reached. Through this we make sure that everyone has the chance to be early and collect some NANOs.

What time will the mint start?

Release date for the Phase 1 mint is 13th of March at 2:00 PM CET, but we will make a shoutout on Twitter and Discord as soon as the mint is open. Remember, this is the Phase where Crystal and Gold Alpha Pass holders can make use of their passes. So there is absolutely no rush, every Alpha Pass holder will receive the free NANOs for sure.

Which NANOs (type & version) are included in the mint?

All NANOs from the mint are from generation โ€œzeroโ€. The NANOs that you get can be of any type and any version. This is randomly assigned at the time of minting.

Will the NFTs in the NANO pack be random?

Yes. For start we will offer just one pack type and the NANOs in the packs are totally random.

Am I eligible for pre-mint as OG?

In mint Phase 1 and 2 only Alpha Pass holders can mint NANOs as explained above. Phase 3 is the public mint. Discord Users with role OGs will have access to the mint 2 days before public, Early Adopters follow 1 day afterwards.

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