How to create a MetaMask Wallet?

We recommend to use MetaMask to get your META NANOs and ALPHA PASSES.

MetaMask is the crypto wallet and gateway to blockchain applications and it is trusted by more than 21 million users worldwide and it is free and secure to use.

You can get your META NANOs and Alpha Passes by exchanging them with crypto currency, in this case Ether (ETH) or HEROcoin (PLAY) To use Ether, you need a wallet. This is a place where you can keep your money and make transactions. We’ll be using MetaMask, which can be installed on your web browser as an extension. We'll also be using Google Chrome throughout this tutorial. MetaMask is available on other browsers, but just know we'll be using Chrome.

Download MetaMask

Before creating a MetaMask wallet you need to download the MetaMask extension to chrome. If you are using a mobile you need to download the MetaMask app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

First Go to where you can click on the “Download Now“ button. Choose your preferred way of installing the MetaMask extension.

You can see “Install MetaMask for Chrome” and click on that if you want to install the Metamask Chrome Extension.

The Chrome web store will open in a new tab. In the top right is another blue button saying Add to Chrome. Click it.

You'll get this popup telling you what MetaMask can do. If you're ok with this, click Add extension.

After this new tab will open. Congratulations, MetaMask is installed. Click Get Started to continue.

As a new user to MetaMask and don't have a wallet yet, you'll need to create one. First, click on Create a Wallet.

Now you can see the option to agree to MetaMask's data sharing or not. Read it carefully and then click either No Thanks or I Agree. The process is the same regarrdless of your choice.

After this you will need to choose your password. MetaMask's only password requirement is that it's at least 8 characters. But we strongly recommend you add some numbers and/or special characters. Make sure it's memorable. You'll also need to read the Terms of Use and tick the box to confirm that you've read them. Once done -> click on the Create button.

Watch the video about the recovery phrase carefully.

After clicking "Next" you will be on the Secret Recovery Phrase page.

You have to click “CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS” to reveal the secret recovery phrases.

After that store these phrases on a piece of paper and store them in a secure location. If you want security, store it in multiple pieces of paper or digitally and keep it in multiple different locations.

On the next screen you will be asked to enter your recovery phrase and confirm it!

Congrats, you have completed all of your steps properly!

Click on “All Done”, after that you can right now start using Metamask.

Now you are able to send and receive Ethereum from your Metamask wallet.

Now you can send Ether (ETH) to your MetamAsk account. Just copy your wallet address and send ETH to this address. You can get ETH for example on bitpanda.

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