🎯Player Goals

There are many different ways to benefit from playing META NANOs! It is most likely a combination of the following goals:


Be in control of digital assets.

Mint one or more NANO NFTs or buy them on a marketplace. Breed them, lend them, train them. Purchase equipment or item NFTs or get them as in-game rewards or giveaways. Everything is on a Blockchain, so you really are the owner of all your assets.


Increase your asset's value.

Make your NANOs stronger by boosting their ability stats. A stronger NANO will win you more games and will have a higher market value.


Join the NANO games.

Enter games with your NANOs and have fun playing while earning rewards. There will be a whole ecosystem of games, and your NANO will be your ticket to all of them.


Make profits by playing games.

Join our multiplayer games. Top performers get rewarded in crypto, money, and/or in-game assets. Make your NANO an investment, and make money by just playing a game.


Sell your NFTs on a marketplace.

Sell your NANOs, equipment, items, booster cards, or any other asset on the NFT market to make profits.


Create new digital assets.

Use two NANOs to breed a completely new one. Experiment with genetics to create the strongest possible NANO. Train them, play with them, trade them.


Play with strong NANOs for a fee, make money from your NANOs even when not playing.

Share NANOs with other players to generate a win-win situation by splitting up the earnings. Others play, you both win. Borrow a strong NANO from other players if you don't want to own it yourself.

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