🎮The NANO Games

The NANO Games

NANOs love to compete against each other! The core gameplay centers around the famous "NANO Games", various games that players can enter with their NANOs represented as NFTs. Players can purchase multiple NANOs and play them in the NANO games. The first game will be a racing battle, but future games can be basically anything, from races to MOBAs or shooters, anything is possible.

Each game has a dedicated number of entry slots. As soon as all slots are filled, the game starts. A game can interpret your NANO, the stats and the power gems individually. Powerful equipment adds skill to your NANO and influences the game outcome. If a NANO is strong enough and enters the right games, it may win. If a NANO wins, the owner wins! Each game’s top performers are being rewarded with crypto, money, or digital in-game assets.

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