Note: The breeding feature is planned to be released in 2023
In certain intervals, two NANOs are able to breed a new NANO. This will be a freshly minted NANO NFT that will inherit the attributes from their parents, based on their rarity.
Every time two NANOs breed a new NANO, it will be one generation below its parents’ generation; The lower generation counts. So if a generation 1 NANO and a generation 3 NANO are breeding a new NANO, the new NANO will be generation 4.
From the two parents, one will be the head-breeder and the other the co-breeder. The head-breeder will keep the new NANO, whereas the co-breeder will get a compensation for his training effort from the head-breeder. A breeding fee is taken by the NANO Games per breed.
There is a possibility that two NANOs can breed a complete new NANO (none of the 25 basic NANO avatars) or new items for a NANO later on!