Each NANO comes with 5 ability stats from 1-100. At the initial game release, Speed and Stamina are revealed, while the other 3 are hidden and not defined yet - the ability type will be revealed in a later game version.

Released at initial game release

  • 1. Speed 1-100

  • 2. Stamina 1-100

Revealed in upcoming releases

  • 3. Ability 1-100 (?)

  • 4. Ability 1-100 (?)

  • 5. Ability 1-100 (?)

Distribution of abilities

At the NANO mint, abilities will be assigned randomly to each avatar. The ability stats are only very slightly dependent on the NANO base type, so it is possible that a cactus NANO could have higher strength than a Golem NANO. The stats are completely random within the certain boundaries.

"A cactus seems little and cute, but can sting you if you disturb him. A golem seems huge and strong, but can be the softest soul on the inside."

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