Game Modes

Training (free to play)

Practice with your NANO and earn leaderboard points. Players can join games without placing a buy-in. It is completely free to play, but you get 20% less leaderboard points when playing with a Free-to-Play NANO.

Rumble (play to earn)

The Rumble Mode is the game mode that allows you to compete against other players in a competitive setting where the winner(s) get the pot. Every hour, a new "Rumble" starts that will last for exactly an hour. For every Rumble, you can buy a Rumble Pass that will allow you to participate in it. Rumble Passes can be purchased in-game and later also on the website using virtual MATIC. Your entry fee goes towards the pot size, the more players play in a Rumble, the larger the pot gets. The winner (or winners) of a Rumble win the pot. If you don't have any MATIC in your virtual wallet yet to buy Rumble Passes, go to our web page and deposit some MATIC.

After buying a Rumble Pass, 90% of the purchasing price goes towards the pot, 10% will be deducted as fees.

  • FAQs

    • How long does a Rumble last exactly?

      • It lasts for exactly one hour, starting at the full hour GMT. A race result counts towards a specific Rumble if the result was communicated to the server within that hour (which happens right after a race finishes). This means that a race that is started at 9:59 will likely count towards the Rumble starting at 10:00, and a race that is started at 10:59 will likely not count towards the 10:00 Rumble anymore.

    • What happens if I'm the only player in a Rumble?

      • As long as you are on the leaderboard of that Rumble, you will just get 100% of your buy-in back. To be on the leaderboard, you have to finish at least one race within that Rumble's timeframe.

    • What happens if I have a Rumble Pass for a Rumble but don't play within this hour?

      • If you don't finish at least one race in this time frame, you won't be on the Rumble leaderboard and therefore not be eligible for any rewards. You effectively made a donation towards the pot.

    • Do I only play against other players with a Rumble Pass?

      • No. You will play in the exact same lobbies as everyone else. Other players in your lobby that don't own a Rumble Pass just don't earn leaderboard points towards the Rumble leaderboard. If lobbies don't fill up with real players quickly enough, we will fill up lobbies with bots. Bots don't earn any leaderboard points and are usually slightly weaker than real players.

    • Do I also earn leaderboard points towards the weekly leaderboard when being in an active Rumble?

      • Yes. When having a Rumble Pass active, you will earn both points towards the Rumble leaderboard as well as towards the weekly leaderboard.

    • Do the leaderboard points for quests count towards the Rumble leaderboard?

      • No. Rewards for quests only go towards the weekly leaderboard, not towards a Rumble leaderboard.

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