The Role of HEROcoin(PLAY)

META NANOs is a HERO ecosystem project

What is HEROcoin?

HEROcoin is an ERC20 token and uses the exchange ticker "PLAY". Originally, it was designed as a decentralized solution for iGaming but evolved to an entire ecosystem token over time. With the support of HEROcoin we and our partners develop multiple blockchain projects in different fields like iGaming, esports, NFTs and metaverse. Each of them uses HEROcoin in their own way for example via staking, as payment solution, for a rewarding system or to enable special content. There are endless use cases. Think HEROcoin as an umbrella over several standalone projects - a network of success. More info can be found on

Which role plays HEROcoin in META NANOs?

The founders of META NANOs are also the founders of HEROcoin. Therefore it is obvious, that there is a mutual interest for both projects to setup a successful integration. HEROcoin holders can be assured, that a success of META NANOs does also mean a success for HEROcoin.

The first example of an integration is already shown in the Alpha Pass sale. The very first auction of the Alpha Pass sale will be exclusively for HEROcoin holders. What does this mean? As you already know from the previous section, HEROcoin is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the META NANO Alpha Passes will be on the POLYGON blockchain. Because of this, the HEROcoin team created a Polygon Bridging Service on the official Polygon Bridge. With this bridge, it is very easy to swap your Ether HEROcoin into Polygon HEROcoin. More on that later.

ATTENTION: You cannot participate in the Alpha Pass sale with your HEROcoin on the ethereum blockchain! You need to bridge them to Polygon, or buy HEROcoin on Polygon directly.

How to get HEROcoin?

You need to distinguish between two version of HEROcoin (PLAY), The Ethereum version and the Polygon version. For META NANOs you need the Polygon version of HEROcoin (PLAY).

HEROcoin (PLAY) on Ethereum

HEROcoin on Ethereum is listed with the ticker "PLAY" on the top 10 exchange KuCoin. This is a well-known and trustworthy crypto exchange since years with big volume. We have listed two trading pairs, so that you can get PLAY with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

KuCoin Trading pair BTC / PLAY

HEROcoin (PLAY) on Polygon

HEROcoin on Polygon is listed with the ticker "PLAY" on the decentralized exchange (DEX) SushiSwap.

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