The Lore
The lore behind the NANO Games, the mysterious forces and a strange believe...
Time consumes us all. Flowers wither, metal rusts, the baby born unto this world soon returns to the earth. Even the mountains bend beneath time’s eternal weight. Only the Gods and the Games endure.
The NANO Games are infinite and ever-changing. The Gods are immortal, and they are Two: Gederia, queen of growth, light and nature. She reigns over matter and bodies, over what we call “the physical world”. She seeks nothing but peace, and she is also known as “The Mother of Order”. Utor, king of darkness and shadows. He is the breath of death, and every spirit obeys him. He commands the “spiritual world”. Nothing satisfies his restless nature, and only in war he finds solace. We call him “The Father of Chaos”. Everything above and below us has been born from their endless fight. Which might as well be how the Two Gods love each other.
The Two have always been, and always will be. Just as the Games have always existed, and will always exist. We do not know why they were created. Perhaps they are part of a bigger plan. Perhaps they are the reason of our existence. Perhaps they are just a way for the gods to pass the time, nothing more than a break from their eternal boredom.
Everyone can participate. The Games are a realm beyond time and space, where past mixes with future and far and near are the same. In these deadly competitions, Orcs and Magicians, Robots and Golems, people and creatures from everywhere and any time clash and fight to obtain the coveted prize: to express one wish.
The Two shall grant the winner whatever he or she desires. Sometimes, it is to be reunited with a loved one. Sometimes, the winner asks for power, riches, or other worldly pleasures. Every so often, someone utters a wish that changes our world forever. The Eternal Kingdom and its winged knights, the Chanting Woods, the Golden Temple and many of the mysteries that baffle our world are the results of such reality-shaping requests.
Lured and tempted by the prize, many choose to join the Games. To do so, they need a mysterious and powerful Gem. The Two scattered these precious stones through the ages. Whoever finds them might decide to enter the timeless realm in which the Games take place, and compete in them. It might be that the Gems feel their resolve. Maybe, some kind of ritual is involved. Be that as it may, the competitors become little pawns in the gods’ hands, tiny pieces on a giant chessboard, transforming into so called “NANOs”. They must fight until they win. There is no turning back: as a security, the Gem tears out their soul and absorbs it, trapping it within. Thus, the Games begin.
The NANOs carry their very soul with them, imprisoned in the Gem. It is said that, rarely, moved by inexplicable reasons, the soul reacts and unleashes some kind of power. As it is with many things regarding the Games, we do not know why, nor if it is truly so. This is our knowledge of the Two and their Games. There is nothing more.
Only… there has been a rumor, among the wisest of the scholars. Many, who have spent centuries studying the Games, believe that some entities, some creatures from outside our world might be involved. Some believe, as strange as it sounds, that they might be controlling some NANOs, betting on them to gain something in return. Could it truly be possible?
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