Weekly Leaderboards

Every week, a new leaderboard starts. Win (or do well) in races in order to earn leaderboard points. If you are in the winning ranks of a leaderboard by the end of the week, you will earn a reward directly to your wallet. Rewards can include:

  • Cryptocurrencies like WETH or HEROcoin,

  • NFTs that customize your in-game look (like player banners, sprays or taunts),

  • Alpha Passes,

  • NANOs,

  • and other cool prices.

Leaderboard Points

The main in-game "currency" are leaderboard points. You can get leaderboard points for the following things (if you play with a F2P-NANO, you get 20% less points for everything):


Participating in a match


1st place in a match


2nd place in a match


3rd place in a match


Worthy opponent bonus

If there are not enough human players online, the matches are filled with bot players. Human players are harder to beat, that's why we introduced the "worthy opponent bonus". If you finish within the top 3, you will get 5 extra points for each other human player that participated in the match.

Happy Hour

During some time periods (that we usually announce on social media), you can get double the points.


Example 1

You get second place in the happy hour against 3 human players and 4 bots:

  • 5 points for participating in the match

  • 100 points for second place

  • 15 points worthy opponent bonus

  • Happy hour bonus: everything doubled

  • Total: 240 points

Example 2

You win a match against 7 bots

  • 5 points for participating in the match

  • 150 points for winning the match

  • Total: 155 points

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