Official Lite Paper, last updated May 2022
"We change the gaming industry by empowering players with ownership in an open Metaverse of Games"

Welcome to the NANO Metaverse!

META NANOs is an NFT-based open Metaverse of Games built on Polygon, and will be the flagship for a collaboratively developed play-to-earn gaming ecosystem where everyone can contribute.
The initial gameplay centers around a diverse collection of NANOs - high quality 3D NFT avatars, that go above and beyond your imagination! Dive into an open Metaverse of Games where you can be anything you want - from Orcs and Magicians, Robots and Golems, to people and creatures from everywhere and any time. In this multiplayer play-to-earn game, players train their NANOs and let them compete against each other in the so-called NANO Games. If a NANO is powerful enough and joins the right games, he may win. If a NANO wins, the owner wins! Every game’s top performers are being rewarded. Train your NANO. Join a battle. Play for your rewards!
Many different games will be added to the NANO Metaverse in the future! Every NANO comes with its own stats and a power gem that can be used within the games. Power gems can have a different superpower in each game, such as a lightning strike or a healing spell. Some games will feature additional NFT equipment - anything is possible in the NANO Metaverse.


  • Own your game assets: All NANOs and assets are NFTs
  • Multiplayer mode: Compete against other players
  • Earn profits: Chance to win valuable rewards
  • NANO Games: Many different Games planned
  • Open Metaverse: Game development open for public in the future
  • Already in development (since 04/2022)

Collectibles with value

In META NANOs, players are in control of their digital game assets and have a chance to earn valuable in-game assets that can be transferred to real-world valuables. Every NANO, item or equipment is a unique NFT (Non-fungible Token) - a digital asset that represents an in-game item fully owned by the player. Players can earn XP through in-game activities which can be used to level up their NANOs. The more XP the owner gains, the more valuable the NANO will be.

Our vision

A team of passionate Gamers, 3D Artists, Technical Experts, Blockchain Pioneers and Visionaries who worked on well-known titles like League of Legends, Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Diablo IV, the Mandalorian and herosphere came together to realize the vision of META NANOs.
Our diverse collection of NANO avatars is designed to encourage players to connect emotionally with their collectibles and evolve them in an entertaining gaming environment.
We believe that games should be open to everyone, and the valuable time people spend with playing should be rewarded. At META NANOs, we want to create a space where gaming enthusiasts from all over the world can participate, own and contribute. “We change the gaming industry by empowering players with ownership in an open Metaverse of Games.”
- The META NANOs Team