Racing Battle
This will be the first game of the NANO Metaverse!

Core gameplay

  • Select the right NANO with the best abilities for the chosen race track
  • Compete against other players, fastest NANOs win
  • Decide when to use power gems and shields in real-time during the game
  • Every gameโ€™s top performers are being rewarded
In the first game, NANOs will battle against each other in a multiplayer race. First NANOs that reach the finish line win. Players can use shields and power gems to gain advantages over opponents. Only 2 abilities (speed and stamina) are available and revealed in this first game of the NANO games. The duration of each game will be 60 - 90 seconds. Players can choose between multiplayer mode (play to earn) and training mode (free to play).

Entering a race

At the beginning of each game, players can either choose a free racing track (training mode) or one with a buy-in (multiplayer mode). When all slots are filled, the game starts and calculates the race. After that the player can enter the game by either paying the entry fee or for free in training mode. To join a game players need to select a NANO.
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Core gameplay
Entering a race